How to Groom The Groom

Since more and more couples have started paying for their wedding, the groom has become an influencer. During my years as a wedding professional, many grooms were passionate about the (…) Read More

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Google Is Encouraging Covert Action

The quest of wedding businesses to rank for their important wedding key words on Google is a continually moving target to figure out. It now takes an integrated approach to (…) Read More

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Dressing the Part

Before the Internet, a bride only saw you at bridal shows, a wedding you worked at, or if you place your photograph in a wedding magazine ad or brochure. Because (…) Read More

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Why You Should Monitor Who’s Speaking For You

In a world where people do not speak frequently about themselves, an important way to monitor your wedding businesses is by paying attention to your representation. You want your customers (…) Read More

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Being Perceived As An Expert

What resonates with you more?  An attractive advertisement for someone in their field or reading an article or attending a seminar where you really learn something and ascertain his or (…) Read More

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Why Wedding Businesses Need Contracts

A surprising number of wedding professionals do not use a contract to formalize an agreement to provide a wedding service. Even more surprising is that those who do use contracts (…) Read More

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