You Can Go Far With The Right PR

We all understand how powerful word of mouth is and that a referred customer is more likely to end up doing business with you. Additionally, most will buy from you (…) Read More

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Why Your Suppliers Should be Treated like Your Customers

Looking at the supply chain and analyzing the relationship between vendor and retailer and retailer and customer, we can assume most retailers believe their customers deserve the best service and (…) Read More

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Internships Can Be A Wedding Business Owner’s Best Path To Good Social Media

Who has 25 years of experience in Social Media? Nobody. Who are the most experienced and qualified people to help you with social media? Often, college students have grown up (…) Read More

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The Wedding Industry Press Release Checklist

Sending a press release to journalists and editors in print or online is worth trying. Plus, there are press release services like E-releases.com that submit your press release to thousands (…) Read More

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Wedding Industry Trends 2015

Typically, a wedding article about trends will discuss what colors, fashion, ceremony or reception aspect is in Vogue. What I love about this article by Meghan Ely is that her points are (…) Read More

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Sometimes Business Is Personal

That is a personal expression of you. This refreshing article talks about how to merge human qualities with your professionalism to create a quality experience for those around you and be memorable in (…) Read More

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