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Floral Wedding Trends 2014

Bloom-Tune: Wedding Floral Trends of 2014

What remains the same is that June is one of the all-time most popular months for weddings. What is popular for wedding trends, however, changes much more frequently. Here is (…) Read More

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This picture depicts how grooms want to be involved in planning a wedding. The groom to be being kissed by bride to be while he helps plan their wedding. He is looking at a notepad.

Marketing to Today’s Groom

What You May Not Have Known About Today’s Grooms: This website may be called SelltheBride.com, but one thing must be acknowledged: it is more and more about selling the groom. The typical (…) Read More

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Wedding Arch Ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings

Archways 101 From Martha Stewart Weddings

Archways are one of the most defining decoration of a wedding ceremony and this a great showcase of different types from Martha Stewart Weddings. View the showcase here.

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2014 wedding trends

Exciting New Trends For 2014

More interesting ideas that can be a foreshadow of new trends for 2014 compiled by the editorial staff of The Knot. See the Knot’s list of 8 Weddings Trends.  

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Wedding Trends 2014

Experts From “Book More Brides” Share Trends for 2014

It is hard to be exacting in predicting trends for 2014 but Book More Brides took a stab at it from the influence of what they learned at Wedding MBA (…) Read More

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Bride and Groom Outdoors

Regional Wedding Trend Differences Published in Knot Survey

While there are numerous commonalities that can be found in studying a group of weddings taking place, trends seem to differ regionally and the Knot published an informative article on (…) Read More

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