Google Ranking: the How and Why

Perceptions have been skewed by the Internet. In years past, successful wedding  businesses could succeed on talent, creativity, and great service or competitive pricing accompanied with great service. It was simple to advertise and market your product or service. The yellow pages, newspaper, and bridal shows were the perennial options to bring in business.

Now most potential customers use the internet to research and so being found on Google’s search results first page gives you a great benefit. However, Google does not rank you on how talented of a designer you are or if you offer the most competitive pricing.

Google uses a set of criteria that a live person does not administer. Google electronically surveys websites with pre-set criteria in order to rank one site over another for placement on the search engine results page.

Thankfully, being found on the first page in your local area under local terms like “wedding invitations Houston” is both attainable and affordable. It can start with an audit, which, unlike one conducted by the IRS, is one you can look forward to helping you earn money.

Google also places more emphasis on technical details, like how your site is worded, and the inner architecture of your site. Therefore, for strong placement, understanding how your site appears to the search engines is vital. Conduct an analysis that views your site through the Google’s eyes in order to identify problems that hinder your ranking and so you can receive suggestions on how to improve your ranking. This will help more customers find you in the modern world of marketing.
Here is an example of what a site audit entails: http://www.localtrafficbuilder.com/seo-site-audit.html.

BY Brian Lawrence

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