Being Perceived As An Expert

What resonates with you more?  An attractive advertisement for someone in their field or reading an article or attending a seminar where you really learn something and ascertain his or (…) Read More

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Why Wedding Businesses Need Contracts

A surprising number of wedding professionals do not use a contract to formalize an agreement to provide a wedding service. Even more surprising is that those who do use contracts (…) Read More

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How To Name Drop Your Way To A Sale

The power of networking extends beyond the conventional exchange of business cards.  As a wedding professional, your focus on building relationships is best served through approaching  the planning ladder’s earlier (…) Read More

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Is it Time to Analyze Your Time?

Generally speaking, employees in the wedding industry are paid hourly and work a finite period of time. Many wedding business owners set no boundaries on the amount of time he (…) Read More

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The Importance of Networking When You Travel

Networking is one of the most viable activities a wedding professional can invest his or her time in. Creating relationships with businesses that rest on an earlier rung of the (…) Read More

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Looking at LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a marvelous social media platform targeted particularly at businesses, is a great networking tool. One should not have a serious expectation of getting exposure to brides, but you can (…) Read More

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